You can use coupons to Upgrade to Pro or Add bonuses for free.
That can be done in the following two ways:

  1. Upgrade Plan:
    • You can add the coupon code in the Plan Details section while upgrading to Pro.
    • Add the coupon code and Click on the arrow button to activate it.

    The coupon will not be activated if you do not click the arrow button.

  2. Coupons section:
    • You can add a new coupon in the Coupons section under the Billing tab.
    • Click "Add New Coupon."
    • Enter the coupon code and Click "Add."
    • You can also find the details of all your coupons here.

Each coupon has an expiry. Once your coupon expires, you will lose access to all the plans and bonuses purchased with the coupon.

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