General Information

General Information

Safety Information

To ensure your safety in the world of cryptocurrencies, We want to share some essential security tips:

  1. Never reveal your account information: Under no circumstances should you disclose your information to anyone pretending to represent the Spheron Network or any support representatives. Similarly, refrain from sharing your crucial information or wallet backup QR code with anyone. Rest assured that the Spheron Network team will never request such details from you.
  2. Official Announcements Only: Always rely on official communication channels for updates regarding the Spheron Network. These include our Twitter, Blog pages and Discord channel. When checking Twitter, exercise caution as fraudulent accounts may impersonate ours by altering handles while maintaining similar usernames and images. Double-check before engaging.
  3. Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): For heightened protection of sensitive accounts, enable two-factor authentication. It's advisable to use authenticator apps instead of SMS or phone call-based methods to prevent potential SIM swapping attacks.
  4. Refer to Coinbase Resources: We encourage familiarizing yourself with helpful material provided by Coinbase (opens in a new tab) concerning how to evade cryptocurrency scams.

Spheron Official Social Links & Channel

All communications from the Spheron Network will come from these official accounts, which serve as the primary sources for community members to access the most current updates, news, and information. Confirming information from multiple official accounts is recommended before connecting a wallet to a website or signing and approving transactions.

  1. Twitter: (opens in a new tab)
  2. Discord: (opens in a new tab)
  3. Official Website: (opens in a new tab)
  4. Farcaster: (opens in a new tab)
  5. Telegram: (opens in a new tab)
  6. Linkedin: (opens in a new tab)
  7. Instagram: (opens in a new tab)
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