Compute Billing
Topup Compute Funds with Credit/Debit Card

Topup Compute Balance with Credit/Debit Card

Spheron Compute uses a usage-based billing model. This guide will show you how to top up your balance using either a credit card or debit card to pay for compute resources.

Steps to Top up your Compute Balance with a Credit/Debit Card:

  1. Add Credit/Debit Card Payment method
  2. Top Up your Balance
  3. Setup Automatic Top Ups (Optional BUT Strongly Recommended)

Add Credit/Debit Card Payment Method

First, let's add a Credit/Debit Card payment method.

Follow these Steps to Add a Credit/Debit Card:

  1. Go to Billing Details (opens in a new tab) under the Billing tab and Click "Add Payment Method".
  2. Choose "Credit / Debit Card".
  3. Fill in the details and Click "Attach Payment Method".

Top Up your Balance

Second, let's top up your balance from your Credit/Debit Card Payment Method.

To ensure your compute clusters continue to run uninterupted, you need enough funds in your balance to pay for future hourly usage.

Follow these Steps to Top Up your Compute Balance:

  1. Navigate to the Compute Billing page.
  2. Click "Top Up."
  3. Select your Credit/Debit Card Payment Method.
  4. Add the amount you want to deposit in USD and click "Purchase."

Auto Top Up your Balance

Lastly, let's setup an Automatic Top Up.

Enjoy uninterrupted service with automatic top ups.

Just a heads-up: with our Auto Top-Up, we'll keep your balance in good shape by topping it up every month, starting from the day you turn it on. Don't forget to set how much you want to add, or you can always tweak it later. Need a hand figuring out the right amount? Just check out your hourly usage on the billing page, and it'll give you a pretty good idea of what you might need each month.

Follow these Steps to Setup an Automatic Top Up for your Compute Balance:

  1. Navigate to the Compute Billing page.
  2. Toggle on the Auto Top up option.
  3. Enter a recurring amount(At least $15 USD).
  4. Click "Schedule."

Ensure your auto top up amount covers your monthly compute usage.

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