Edge network


Spheron Edge Network caches your content on its CDN storages to serve data to your users as fast as possible. By utilizing caching, you can reduce hosting bandwidth, prevent interruptions in service, and improve security.

To cache server responses with the Edge Network:

  • Requests must use the GET or HEAD method.
  • Requests must not contain the Range header.
  • Requests must not contain the Authorization header.
  • Responses must use 200, 404, 301, or 308 status codes.
  • Responses must be at most 10MB in content length.
  • Responses must not contain the no-cache directive in the Cache-Control header.

Types of Caching

Spheron provides the following two types of caching on its CDN:

  1. Memory Cache (Hot): The memory cache stores the most recently accessed data for faster retrieval speeds. It provides near real-time processing of requests but has less space.

  2. Disk Cache (Cold): The disk cache has more space and helps to store less commonly used data. That frees up space in the memory cache enabling faster overall performance.

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