An organization represents a group of people with shared ownership of projects. Spheron lets you create multiple organizations, each operating globally across all our services.

  • App Types: Each organization has various app types, with dedicated billing for each. You can choose your favorite app type for your organization. This makes it easy when you open the organization later — it takes you straight to the specific app you prefer.

  • Navigation Across Services: You can easily navigate through all apps, such as Static Site, Storage, and Compute, for each organization. This simplifies moving between different services within Spheron.

  • Settings and Members: The settings and members remain consistent across all services within the organization. When you invite a member, they gain visibility into all services associated with the organization.

  • Ownership and Admins: Every organization has a single owner - who has created it. Others can be promoted to admin status within the organization, creating a well-structured management hierarchy.

Create an Organization

Follow these steps to create an organization:

  1. If you are a new user, you will see the Create an Organization section as soon as you sign in.
  2. Select "Create an Organization" from the organization dropdown to create a new organization.
  3. Add organization name, organization image, and the service (preferred app type) to start with your organization and Click "Continue".

NOTE: You can invite others to join your organization by clicking the "Add Members" button.

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