Upgrade to Pro
Upgrade to Pro with BSC

Upgrade to Pro with BSC

Follow these steps to upgrade to a Pro plan:

  1. Upgrade Plan:
    • Click "Upgrade Plan" under the Billing tab.
    • Click "Add Payment Method" and then, Click "Web3 Payment".
  2. Configure Wallet:
    • Choose BSC, your desired token, and wallet, and Click "Save."
    • Sign the transaction in your selected wallet to connect your wallet.
  3. Plan Details:
    • Read the transaction details and Click "Deposit." If you have already deposited the funds, you can move to step 5.
  4. Deposit Funds:
    • To make sure your subscription is renewed every month, you need to deposit funds to the Spheron escrow wallet.
    • Add the amount you want to approve and Click "Approve." This amount should be more than or equal to the plan's Token-Value (total amount).
    • Add the amount you want to deposit and Click "Deposit." Make sure it is not more than the approved amount, or else the transaction will fail.
  5. Click "Upgrade Plan" to initiate the transaction. Upon successful transaction, the plan will be upgraded to pro.

- If your transaction fails, check if the Spheron escrow wallet has enough balance for the transaction.
- To deposit more funds, Select Deposit Funds from the Connect Wallet dropdown.

Supported Tokens

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