Deploy Avail Light Client

How to deploy an Avail Light Client?

NOTE: Spheron Compute offers the flexibility to create custom configurations for your instance.

Spheron allows you to deploy a compute instance pre-installed with Avail, all set up and ready to use on the Akash Network. To deploy a Avail light client:

  1. Click "New Cluster" on the top right corner.
  2. Choose "Compute" to use CPU-based instances for running containers.
  3. Choose your desired Compute Type option under Compute Type.
  4. Select Start from Marketplace App.
  5. Pick Avail Light Client from the marketplace.
  6. Select your preferred Region, if any. If you do not add a region, the container will be deployed in any region for Spot, or in the us-east region for On Demand. Click here to know more.
  7. Spheron will automatically select the recommended plan for the specific template. If you intend to move forward with the recommended plan, just Click "Deploy" to initiate deployment.
  8. Select the instance plan that suits your needs. You can use the "Create Custom Plan" toggle to create custom plans for your CPU based instance.
  9. Configure Storage (SSD) plan for your instance. Use the "Add Persistent Storage" toggle to add persistent storage for your instance.
  10. Update the name and the chain details under arguments in advanced configuration, if required. You can add more advanced configuration if required. Click here to know more.
  11. Click "Deploy" to initiate deployment.

Deploy Your Own

Deploy your own Avail Light Client with Spheron:

Deploy with Spheron (opens in a new tab)

Verify Installation

  • The Avail Light Client can be accessed only after the Compute Instance is provisioned. Thus, you need to wait for the installation to complete before you can start using it.
  • As the node starts, the Instance Logs will display the output about the operations performed. If you see messages that blocks are being proposed and finalized, you have a running node.
2023-06-04T02:56:31.871284Z  INFO avail_light::telemetry: Metrics server on
2023-06-04T02:56:31.884271Z  INFO avail_light::http: RPC running on
2023-06-04T02:56:31.884386Z  INFO avail_light::network: Local peer id: PeerId("12D3KooWQ77VEayXfSPWcj6ucAGcjZRTL8ANmtjsuULoyToGSBoo"). Public key: Ed25519(PublicKey(compressed): d44de4113b372855a655f1675325379705aa7a273698194e8e6814dab7791a).
2023-06-04T02:56:31.884605Z  INFO Server::run{addr=}: warp::server: listening on
2023-06-04T02:56:31.892181Z  INFO avail_light::network::event_loop: Local node is listening on "/ip4/"
2023-06-04T02:56:31.892487Z  INFO avail_light: Bootstraping the DHT with bootstrap nodes...
2023-06-04T02:56:31.892487Z  INFO avail_light::network::event_loop: Local node is listening on "/ip4/"
2023-06-04T02:56:31.892540Z  INFO avail_light::network::event_loop: Local node is listening on "/ip4/"
2023-06-04T02:56:31.892745Z  INFO avail_light::network::event_loop: Local node is listening on "/ip4/"
2023-06-04T02:56:42.220179Z  INFO avail_light::rpc: Connection established to the node: wss:// <v1.6.0-99b85257d6b/data-avail/9>
2023-06-04T02:56:42.444576Z  INFO avail_light::light_client: Starting light client...
2023-06-04T02:56:43.453935Z  INFO avail_light::subscriptions: Received finalized block header header.number=2074
2023-06-04T02:56:43.455236Z  INFO avail_light::light_client: Processing finalized block block_number=2074 block_delay=0
2023-06-04T02:56:43.456055Z  INFO avail_light::light_client: Random cells generated: 4 block_number=2074 cells_requested=4

For more information, refer to the Avail docs (opens in a new tab).

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