Spheron Storage

Spheron Storage offers multi-chain storage capabilities, seamlessly integrating with IPFS, Filecoin and Arweave through our Storage SDK. It streamlines decentralized storage through its user-friendly feature. This includes a pinning service that simplifies the process of uploading or linking assets to a Spheron IPFS node. We prioritize data security, providing options for encryption and decryption to ensure the protection of your assets. Spheron Storage is your go-to solution for a connected, reliable, and straightforward decentralized storage experience.

Master the essentials with our easy-to-follow guides:

📤Upload Files

Upload data to decentralized storage.

⛓️Storage SDK

For Node.js based environments


Gain precise control over IPNS records.


Encrypt/Decrypt data for security and privacy.

⚠️Rate Limits

Rate limits for system stability.


Quick access to pinned content across network.

Why use Spheron Storage?

  • Effortless Asset Management: Spheron Storage simplifies decentralized storage with a user-friendly pinning service, making it easy to upload new assets or link existing ones to a Spheron IPFS node. Enjoy streamlined asset management without any hassle.

  • Empowering Developers: The Storage SDK by Spheron is designed to empower developers with powerful multi-chain storage capabilities that includes IPFS, Filecoin and Arweave, providing them the tools they need to enhance their projects and applications.

  • Data Security and Privacy Focus: Prioritizing your data security and privacy, Spheron Storage offers options for robust encryption and decryption processes. Take control of your data and safeguard your assets with confidence.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing for IPFS: Spheron Storage provides a cost-effective solution for decentralized storage needs. Benefit from competitive pricing without compromising on performance, ensuring a budget-friendly storage solution for your assets.

  • Uptime Assurance: With Spheron Storage, you can count on reliable uptime for your assets. Our robust infrastructure and advanced monitoring systems minimize downtime, ensuring a seamless experience for your users.

  • In-Built IPNS: Spheron Storage features an in-built IPNS capability that enables users to efficiently retrieve records associated with a specific bucket, access detailed information, and perform dynamic linking — all while providing essential metadata.

Visit our Status Page (opens in a new tab) to gain more visibility into IPFS nodes and the upload pipeline's uptime.

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