Rate Limits

Rate Limits

Global Rate Limits

At Spheron, we believe in providing you with the flexibility and resources you need to manage your data effectively. However, to ensure the fair and efficient operation of our platform, we have established global rate limits for Storage. These limits are designed to accommodate a wide range of use cases while maintaining system stability. Here are the key global rate limits:

  • Parallel Uploads: We support initiating up to 500 parallel uploads simultaneously, allowing for efficient data transfer.
  • Filesize: We support individual file sizes of up to 15 gigabytes (GB) for ease in handling large data objects.
  • Number of Files per Request: Our platform supports up to 10,000 files per request, offering flexibility in how the data is organized and managed.
  • Timeout: The system provides a generous timeout of 30 minutes for each operation, ensuring that complex tasks have ample time to complete successfully.
Parallel Uploads500
Filesize15 GB
Number of Files per Request10,000 *
Timeout30 minutes

* Can be changed based on scaling requirements.

Plan Rate Limits

In our commitment to providing flexible and scalable solutions, we offer a range of plans tailored to meet various usage needs. Whether you're just starting or require extensive resources, we have a plan that suits you. Here's an overview of our plans:

  • Default: Our entry-level plan, designed for those getting started. It offers a generous amount of CDN and IPFS bandwidth, making it ideal for small projects and experimentation. Plus, it's entirely free!
  • Lite: The Lite plan is perfect for individuals or small businesses with moderate requirements. It provides increased CDN and IPFS bandwidth, additional storage on Arweave, and extended support for various domains.
  • Pro: Our Pro plan is designed for professionals and businesses that demand higher bandwidth and storage capacities. With ample resources for IPFS and Arweave, this plan accommodates larger projects and organizations.
  • Wagmi: For enterprises and high-demand scenarios, our Wagmi plan offers substantial bandwidth and storage, along with an extensive range of services. This plan is tailored for those who require top-tier performance and support.

Each plan comes with its own set of rate limits, ensuring fair usage and optimal performance. Explore the details of each plan to choose the one that aligns with your specific needs.

ResourceStorage DefaultStorage LiteStorage ProStorage Wagmi
File Upload Size / Request100MB500MB1GB1GB
CDN Bandwidth 💲100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB
IPFS Bandwidth10 GB100 GB400 GB2500 GB
Arweave Storage 💲0 MB300 MB1 GB3 GB
IPFS Storage5 GB40 GB150 GB800 GB
Filecoin Storage5 GB40 GB150 GB800 GB
Hns Domains 💲23510
Ens Domains 💲23510
Parallel Uploads52550100
IPFS Gateway♾️♾️♾️♾️

💲 - You have the flexibility to purchase bonus resources as needed.

NOTE: By default, Filecoin storage utilizes IPFS storage. Therefore, storage consumption is capped at the IPFS storage limit. In simpler terms, you can upload until you reach the IPFS storage capacity.

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