Static Site
Git Provider & Logs


You can deploy static sites on Spheron by connecting your Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket account. Currently, Spheron supports 20+ frameworks. That includes React, Next, Gatsby, and many more.

Connect Git Provider

Spheron supports the following Git providers: Github (opens in a new tab), Gitlab (opens in a new tab), and Bitbucket (opens in a new tab). When you connect a git provider, Spheron automatically syncs all your repositories.

NOTE: The option to allow specific repositories is available only for Github.

Deploy Logs

Spheron provides deploy logs for every project that you deploy. These logs are similar to the build logs of your framework. A record of each deployment is maintained on the Deployments page.
To view the deploy logs:

  1. Click on a "deployment."
  2. Scroll down to the Deploy logs section.

The real-time log streaming may not show all the logs based on your connection bandwidth. Please refresh if you don't see some logs.

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