Pin and Unpin


Spheron Storage provides a pinning service that enables users to upload new assets or link an existing asset on IPFS with a Spheron IPFS node. This functionality facilitates the migration of assets to Spheron while guaranteeing the preservation and continued availability of the data associated with the CID on the IPFS network.


Unpinning is the reverse process of pinning in Spheron Storage. It involves removing the association between a CID and a Spheron IPFS node, effectively instructing the node to stop storing the data related to that CID.

Storage Dashboard

Spheron Storage Dashboard simplifies the process of uploading assets to decentralized storage networks with just a few clicks. Designed for convenience, this dashboard offers a straightforward approach for securely storing data on storage networks, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users.

Here's how to upload files using Spheron's Storage Dashboard:

  1. Login to Spheron and switch to "Storage" by selecting Storage from the dropdown on the top right corner.
  2. Click "Upload Data" to upload an asset to your desired protocol.
  3. Add the files you wish to upload.
  4. Choose New Bucket and enter the bucket name if you want to create a new bucket. Choose Select Existing Bucket and select your bucket if you want to continue with an existing bucket.
  5. Select your desired protocol and Click "Upload".

Storage SDK

Storage SDK is designed to empower developers with powerful multi-chain storage capabilities provided by Spheron. This SDK streamlines the process of interacting with various decentralized networks, offering a seamless way to upload, manage, and retrieve data while harnessing the security and efficiency of blockchain. For detailed information and access to the Storage SDK, please visit Storage SDK.

Browser Upload SDK

Browser Upload SDK simplifies the process of uploading data to decentralized storage networks directly from browser based environments. It harnesses Spheron's multi-chain storage capabilities, providing an intuitive solution for end-users to securely, and seamlessly upload their data. By integrating this SDK into web applications, users can effortlessly store their files on storage networks. For detailed information and access to the Browser Upload SDK, please visit Browser Upload SDK.

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