Deploy Shardeum Node

How to deploy a Shardeum Testnet Validator Node?

NOTE: Spheron Compute offers the flexibility to create custom configurations for your instance.

Spheron allows you to deploy a compute instance pre-installed with Shardeum Testnet Validator, all set up and ready to use on the Akash Network. To deploy a Shardeum Testnet Validator node:

  1. Click "New Cluster" on the top right corner.
  2. Choose "Compute" to use CPU-based instances for running containers.
  3. Choose On-Demand or Autoscale Compute Type option under Compute Type. It is recommended to opt for On-Demand when configuring the Shardeum Node.
  4. Select Start from Marketplace App.
  5. Pick Shardeum Testnet Validator from the marketplace.
  6. Select your preferred Region, if any. If you do not add a region, the container will be deployed in the us-east region for On Demand. Click here to know more.
  7. Spheron will automatically select the recommended plan for the specific template. If you intend to move forward with the recommended plan, just Click "Deploy" to initiate deployment.
  8. Select the instance plan that suits your needs. You can use the "Create Custom Plan" toggle to create custom plans for your CPU based instance.
  9. Configure Storage (SSD) plan for your instance. Use the "Add Persistent Storage" toggle to add persistent storage for your instance.
  10. Set a password to access the Shardeum UI. You can find it under Template Configuration.
  11. Click "Deploy" to initiate deployment.

How to access Shardeum UI?

Once the deployment is complete and you have a provider host with assigned ports, follow these steps:

  1. In your terminal:
# or
  1. Navigate to Settings from your instance page and Click "Update".
  2. Under Template Configuration, set the IP address of the server as values for the variables SERVERIP and LOCALLANIP.
  3. Update Port Variables:
  • SHMEXT: Update from 9001 -> External Port assinged on 9001.
  • SHMINT: Update from 10001 -> External Port assigned on 10001.
  1. Click "Update" to update instance configuration.
  2. Click the Connection URL provided by Spheron under Port Policy Info for Port 8080.
  3. Change the protocol from http to https.
  4. Click "Advanced" and then "Proceed to..." to access the Shardeum UI for running the validator node.

NOTE: This will work only when the instance log displays the message:

Starting operator gui

How to run the node?

  1. Go to the Shardeum UI, enter your password and Click "Connect".
  2. Navigate to the Maintenance tab.
  3. Under Add/Remove Stake, Click "Connect Wallet" and stake SHM tokens.
  4. Under Start/Stop Node, Click "Start Node" and wait for the Status to go "Standby".

Deploy Your Own

Deploy your own Shardeum Testnet Validator Node with Spheron:

Deploy with Spheron (opens in a new tab)

For more information, refer to the Shardeum docs (opens in a new tab).

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