Buckets are logical units employed within an organization to systematically organize and manage data or assets. These buckets are essential for resource allocation and data handling, allowing for more efficient and structured management of the organization's storage.


In the Spheron Storage, uploads are neatly organized using buckets. When you upload data, you can choose to put it in an existing bucket or create a new one. This gives you control over how your data is structured. If your files are related, you can place them in an existing bucket. If they're different, you can make a new bucket for each type of data.

Here's how to upload files using Spheron's Storage Dashboard:

  1. Login to Spheron and switch to "Storage" by selecting Storage from the dropdown on the top right corner.
  2. Click "Upload Data" to upload an asset to your desired protocol.
  3. Add the files you wish to upload.
  4. Choose New Bucket and enter the bucket name if you want to create a new bucket. Choose Select Existing Bucket and select your bucket if you want to continue with an existing bucket.
  5. Select your desired protocol and Click "Upload".