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Spheron Network offers free HTTPS on all sites, providing automatic certificate creation and renewal, except on ENS and HNS resolvers. Our certificates use the modern TLS protocol, which has replaced the now-deprecated SSL standard, ensuring a higher level of security for the websites.

HTTPS brings in a lot of advantages:

  • Content integrity: Without HTTPS, free Wi-Fi services can inject ads into your pages.
  • Security: If your site has a login or accepts form submissions, HTTPS is essential for your users’ security and privacy.
  • Trust: HTTPS protects your personal information, such as your passwords and credit card numbers, from being stolen by hackers.
  • SEO: Google search results prioritize sites with HTTPS enabled.
  • Referral analytics: HTTPS-enabled sites will not send referral data to sites without HTTPS.
  • Performance: HTTPS can actually improve the performance of your website by reducing the number of round trips that need to be made between the browser and the server.
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