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Env Variables

Environment variables

Spheron allows you to add environment variables in the Advanced Build Settings section while configuring your deployment for the first time. If your project already exists, you can go to the Environment variables section in the sidebar of your project's settings.

Spheron lets you assign different environment variables to different environments based on your requirements. To configure these variables:

  1. Go to the Settings tab of your project.
  2. Select Environment variables from the sidebar.
  3. Add variable name and variable value, and select your preferred deployment environments. Then Click "Add."
  4. You can also add multiple environment variables by uploading them in a prescribed JSON file format.

NOTE: After adding the environment variables, you need to redeploy the project to apply it.

Prescribed JSON format

	"name": "Key5", // name of the key
	"value": "B", // value of env variable
	"environments": ["Development"] // environments you need to attach to the variable
	"name": "Key8",
	"value": "a"
	"name": "Key5",
	"value": "test",
	"environments": ["Production"]
	"name": "Key10",
	"value": "base",
	"environments": ["Production", "Development"]
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