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Preview, Pinning & Deal creation

Preview, Pinning & Deal creation


You can see a screenshot of your site with the deployment details under the Deployments tab. Click View Deployment Preview to view your deployed site.

Auto Pinning

Every deployment on IPFS and Filecoin is automatically pinned to Spheron IPFS nodes by default. You can visit the URL on each deployment to view the deployed site. We have enabled subdomain style in our IPFS gateways for extra security for websites. To view the pinning details, Click on a deployment, and Scroll down to the Pinning Details section.

Filecoin deal creation with Estuary API

Spheron creates Filecoin deals using Estuary API. A proposal after the deployment on IPFS with the data CID is sent to Estuary, which returns a proposal receipt with relevant information. Estuary automatically makes deals with Filecoin storage providers. Once the data is stored, it can be verified by retrieving it from Filecoin storage. There is no need to manage storage or select a specific miner, as Estuary handles the process automatically.

To learn more about Estuary, read the docs here (opens in a new tab).

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