Browser vs Storage

Browser Upload SDK vs. Storage SDK

The Browser Upload SDK and the Storage SDK in Spheron have different usecases and are designed for specific environments.

Here's a table summarizing the key differences between the Browser Upload SDK and the Storage SDK:

FeatureBrowser Upload SDKStorage SDK
Installationnpm or Yarnnpm or Yarn
PurposeUpload files directly from the browserUpload files or directories in a Node.js environment
Backend RequirementYes, requires a web server for token generationNo, operates on the server-side
SDK Packages@spheron/browser-upload (opens in a new tab)@spheron/storage (opens in a new tab)
Supported ProtocolsIPFS, Filecoin, ArweaveIPFS, Filecoin, Arweave
Access ControlControl over who can use the upload tokenNo control over token usage
CallbacksOptional callbacks for tracking uploadsOptional callbacks for tracking uploads
Upload Token ExpiryUpload Token expires after one upload (10-minute limit)No Upload Token required, operates on the server-side
Methods AvailabilityLimited methods exposed compared to Storage SDKLots of methods exposed compared to Browser Upload SDK
Documentation LinkBrowser Upload SDK DocumentationStorage SDK Documentation
Storage UsageRate Limits