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Git Automations

GIT Automations

Spheron has made it easier for teams to collaborate effectively without needing to visit the Spheron dashboard by implementing continuous deployments and workflow enhancements.

PR Comments

When a user creates a pull request and initiates the last commit of the PR, Spheron posts comments containing the deployment Preview link and Deployment Logs link once the deployment is successful. Additionally, the platform comments on the commit after a successful deployment from the dashboard.

PR Checks

Spheron also posts deployment checks when a commit triggers deployment, which can be viewed in the pull request and redirected to the deployment log page.

Github Environments

Spheron creates deployment environments in GitHub by default, including Production and Development, and posts deployment links to these environments for the team to view deployment history.

Gitlab Builds

Similar to GitHub Environments, Spheron creates 2 build pipelines in Gitlab based on the two deployment environments and adds deployment links for the team to view the deployment history. With the addition of a new workflow for the Git Provider, continuous deployment is enabled by default.

Git Fork Protection

If a pull request from a forked repository includes changes to a file, Spheron moves the deployment to the "Awaiting Authorization" state. It then requires authorization from the owner or an admin to deploy the pull request, protecting sensitive project information.

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